Your TRuck Trail Gallery

Harrison and Nevaeh finding all the trucks!

Truck Trail time!

Scootering around to find the trucks

A fun packed day!

Truck Tastic!

Right eyebrows up!

All aboard!

Thumbs up truck trail

Oliver loved finding all of the trucks

Riding on the front of a truck

Enjoying the Truck Trail

Hey Patch!

Enjoying the Truck Trail


Wheels on the bus

We made up our own song!

Our little Terriers at the Leyland Zoo

I wanna be a ‘Tiger’ Bus!

All aboard!

Dad looks like a tourist again with his camera

Girls having fun



Yeah we found them all!

Leyland Tigers

And they're off!

Leyland Tigers 123…

... and they're off


Man searching for aliens finds the military martian outside tesco

Trucking it Leyland Style!

Happy Little Truckers

Enjoying the Truck Trail

The Truck Trail

Great success!

The Truck Trail

To celebrate the history of truck manufacture in South Ribble over 100 years, we have created the world's first truck trail, a unique and inspirational attraction for the summer of 2017.

The trucks are starting to take shape.

At a secret location in Leyland the trucks are starting to take shape.

All go for The Truck Trail

We are pleased to confirm that all the trucks have been sponsored and that The Truck Trail STEM Education project to design the 14th truck will launch soon.

The Sponsors Launch

We are delighted that all the 13 trucks have received sponsorship from local businesses. Here are a few of them with the keys to their trucks.

The eyes have it!

All the graphics for the trucks have now been designed and fabricated and are now being attached to the truck frames.


Finished! The trucks have all been completed are are waiting to be craned into their respective locations in a few weeks time.

Designs in progress

It is fantastic to see some work in progress! Students from a local secondary school working on their designs for their Truck of The Future.

Car wash?

Getting the truck nice and clean for a photo shoot.